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Being Bobby - A Work of Fiction


Meet Bobby. Bobby is an awesome being. But Bobby isn’t exactly like you or I. Bobby was born inside a giant. And because of indescribable forces, he’s lived ins

ide that giant ever since. He is not the giant but given he dwells within, he’s able to communicate directly with the giant. He sees, hears, and feels everything the giant does. It’s actually a beautifully symbiotic relationship, well, at least it used to be.

As Bobby was growing up, he and his giant were the best of friends. His wonder of the world outside ran rampant, and his giant always listened and as a result shared his wonder. Many of the things Bobby wanted to say and do, the giant did. It was a wonderful and peaceful time in both their lives. The giant had never been so happy to have his very best friend living inside him, able to communicate and listen to him at any given moment. Whenever he faced a hard choice, he would always consult with Bobby to ensure he made the best decision for himself. As a result, Bobby felt one with his giant, experiencing everything he wanted in the world without ever actually stepping foot in it.

But one morning Bobby woke up to loud talking. Actually it was more like yelling. Arguing. It was unlike anything he had ever heard before. It wasn’t the gentle voice of the giant he had come to know and love so well. As he explored his dwelling he came upon two new tenants in his giant. They were arguing back and forth with one another…suitcases, luggage, boxes, papers, and trash strewn all around them. They were yelling so loudly at each other and over each other, there’s no way either heard or understood what the other was saying. Bobby couldn’t get a word in edgewise. It was only by straining to understand what their argument was about that Bobby was able to pick up their names:

Fear and Fit In.


Brothers the giant had allowed to move in. Both were extremely unfortunate looking and the epitome of rude. Neither made any attempt to introduce themselves even though they saw Bobby standing outside their door. Eventually Fit In strolled over, still yelling over Fear, gave Bobby a horrible stare and shut the door in his face.

Bobby was crushed. Why would his best friend allow these…things…to move in with him? Without even consulting him? His giant had always consulted him…about every major choice in his life. Fear and Fit In were so loud he could barely even hear the voice of his giant anymore and vice versa. As time passed, and the awful brothers remained making themselves more and more comfortable with every passing day, Bobby’s friendship with his giant began to deteriorate. His giant no longer relied on him to help with tough choices. He had began listening to Fear and Fit In instead. For the life of him, Bobby could not understand why. No matter how hard he tried listening to them he could never make out what they were saying. To Bobby, it was just noise. Incessant noise. They had taken this terrible hold on his giant and no matter how hard Bobby tried…how loudly he yelled…he couldn’t come through to the giant over the distraction that was those awful brothers.

Bobby had dreamed of growing old with his giant. Helping to create a beautiful life for both of them. Exploring the best the world had to offer, never forgetting that sense of wonder and adventure that drove him. But Fear and Fit In changed all that. When he looked outside into his giant’s world now it was safe. It was mundane. It was ordinary. It wasn’t nearly filled with the level of wonder and intrigue he knew it should be. He hardly recognized it anymore. It was nothing like the place he and his giant had created when they were younger. And now Bobby was forced to listen to the idiot clan day in and day out. All he could do was hope for the day when he would awaken to see them gone… evicted. And hope he did. Every single day. Relying on his unwavering love and belief in his giant to keep the course.

Bobby represents authentic self. We all have an authentic self inside us. That little voice that attempts to guide us through life. As we grow older, this voice can grow fainter and fainter if we allow fear or a sense to ‘fit in’ overwhelm and take hold. I challenge you to fight those forces. Keep your doors closed to them. Don’t allow them to take permanent residence inside. Allow your authentic self to continue propelling you through the life for which you’re meant.

Cassandra Worthy is a life lover, risk taker, wit injector, blogger, and chemical engineer. Her dedication spans across family, joy, experiencing the new, and all things science. Follow her at Email:


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