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Dee Massengale and 

Heaven On Earth Spirit Photography

My name is Dee Massengale, and I thank you for visiting my page here on the Aquarius website.


My spirit photography began a year after my adopted son, Mariel, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, died in a car accident. His friends and family put together a memorial service to mark the anniversary and I took many pictures. Many of them were blurred and distorted but not from camera shake. I had an inner knowing that it was his energy that was present there with us. Several days later I opened my camera to review the pictures and there was a huge ball of light with an aspheric energy field around him - and once again I just knew it was him. At the time I had never even heard the word "orb" nor had I ever seen a picture of an orb...but that's what it was. This was July 17, 2010 but the date on the photograph of the ball of light said March 28, 2009 which was my birthday that we last spent together. Seeing the date was my confirmation. From that day on I could pick up my camera inside or out and say "Mariel are you here?" and there would always be a big white orb in the kitchen.

This went on for about 18 months and more and more orbs showed up in my pictures. It was on my birthday a few months after my mother passed away and I had no family left in the world to spend my birthday with that the real magic began. Sitting alone in my living room feeling sad, I said out loud "Is any of my family here?" and took a picture fully expecting to see a couple of white orbs. Instead there was a beautiful rainbow orb hovering around my son's picture and a beautiful green orb hovering around a picture of my parents. These two orbs hovered in my living room for an hour and I took a hundred and twenty five pictures as they moved slowly about the photos of my loved ones on the mantle. Ever since that night, on a daily basis, when I take pictures I get beautiful colors, rainbow orbs and orbs of many different colors.  I also capture rays of light that I cannot explain and they keep changing and changing and changing. I never know what I'm going to get but spirit never disappoints.

As my mother was dying in hospice she had not spoken in a few days and her eyes were closed when she blurted out theses words - "so beautiful." When I asked what was so beautiful, she replied "the colors". So when I see these beautiful colors I know it's a little glimpse of heaven hence the name Heaven on Earth Spirit Photography.


I hope you will take a few minutes to browse my website and enjoy the colors and the lights.

Watch Dee's incredible video


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