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As the publisher of Aquarius magazine, and the CEO of Aquarius Media Network, I have not spoken much of my own experience with metaphysics.  After all, my main job here is to promote the incredible and transforming gifts of others, and to work without ego towards higher consciousness and global awakening.  


But...I do have a very intense and deep relationship with the Higher Consciousness and the Transcendent...and recently, via my spirit guide BC (I will tell you his story another day)...I received a powerful and world-transforming message.  I know it was intended for me...but I also know it is intended for all those that I touch and connect with through Aquarius...and eventually, the world will hear this truth - from me, and from others.  In fact...others are already saying it, and living its just a matter of time.


So...let's begin by saying...the Shift has begun.  The "new energy" is beginning to move through worlds, lives, and it is beginning to reshape our planet.  


This new energy is sweeping the old.  And THAT is the message.  As BC said to me - "Eliminate the word OLD from your vocabulary.  It is not a word that works any more.  There is no such thing as OLD.  You will not get OLD...unless you choose to.  Your body will age...but not in the way you have been manipulated to believe by your third dimensional culture.  It will grow in years, but did you know there was a time when humans lived over 900 years!!  That time will come again.  You (and this generation of those who are embracing the new energy and allowing the Shift to transform their minds, their hearts, their own energies) will find a renewing of mind and spirit that will ignite renewed youth and vigor in your soul.  Your youth shall be renewed and become as an eagle's strength!  You will mount up with wings.  Your 'old' men shall dream dreams...and not be called 'old' anymore.  


This will happen because you CHOOSE it.  Often you have said, when your muscles ache and you are fatigued - 'I'm just getting old.'   You body does not ache because you are getting 'old' - it aches because you do not care for it - you are lazy, you are inactive, you eat too much, you eat foods that are not good for you.  THAT is why you are 'old.'  


BUT you can choose not to be.  You can choose to keep your mind alert, learning, and growing.  Your spirit can adventure into new places, discover new experiences...your heart can EXPAND!  


I challenge you...take the word 'old' out of your mouth!  And out of your thinking!  Choose to be young, and you will be...for in the Universe of Wonder...all are young...even the most ancient.  In truth...the more ancient in the wisdom of the Elders one becomes, the more of a child he becomes, the younger he grows."


Namaste my friends.  May we be Younger today than yesterday, and not as Young as tomorrow.