Janis R. Cohen, MSW, LCSW internationally known as The Intuitive Therapist.   With 25 years as a therapist, clairvoyant, empath and medium, Janis helps struggling and stuck people learn how to use their intuition to not only connect with their courage, confidence and certainty but also to create rapid and massive life changes that last. Janis incorporates psychic channeling into her therapy sessions to get to the root of a challenge with laser-like accuracy; a skill set that is unique to her in the therapy world. Since launching her Atlanta-based private practice in 2000, Janis has facilitated both in person and remote intuitive therapeutic healing with people across the globe.  Her blog, called The Human Experience,(www.thehumanexperience2.com) was launched in 2011 , offering readers unique perspectives about life challenges as well as effective strategies and tools to resolve them.  Her book, The Intuitive Therapist, will be published in the fall of 2016.  You can reach Ms. Cohen at www.janisrcohen.com