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AQuarius now offers online advertising in addition to print advertising.  Check out our options below. If you put a display ad in the paper, you can add online advertising for half-price.

Pay Now with PayPal

You may choose to pay for any ad by paying through PayPal.  Just click on the "Buy Now" button below, and you will be taken to the Aquarius PayPal site.  There you can make your payment securely, quickly and easily.

Your Advertising dollar goes further with Aquarius than any other marketing outlet in Metro Atlanta...

viewed by over 55,000 every month!

- distributed regionally to over 200  locations, including every Barnes & Noble and

  Whole Foods.

- viewed digitally by over 25,000 people monthly

- featured on "Flipboard"

- social media reaches 10,000  "eyes" every day!

- Aquarius has been in circulation for over 23 years!

- we are expanding to five new states and locations in 2016!

- our multi-media platform offers unique video, internet radio and publishing opportunities

- join our AQCoupon program to create new customers

- our most rapidly growing readership is Millineals, age 20-35


Where Aquarius is distributed...

Digital Advertising Options

  • Our website is visited by over 25,000 people every month.

Plus, our social media reaches over 10,000 world wide.  Every ad placed on our website is also sent by email to over 25,000 subscribers twice per month.  In addition, it is placed on social media (Facebook) once a month, reaching 10,000 people (you may increase exposure to reach as many as 250,000 people...ask us how).  All ad costs include design.



Banner Ad - at the top of every page of our website.

                    $200/mth; it is the premier advertising location,                        and will be seen by over 100,000 people every                        month.

                    10"w x 1.15"h; 300 dpi, CMYK









Right Column Ad - in the left column of the website, seen

                              on every page.   $150/mth.

                              2"w x  3"h, 300 dpi, CMYK
























Front Page Ad - seen on the front page of the website.

                          $100/mth, (3.5" w x 2.5" h), 300 dpi


















Back Page Ad - seen on content pages on the left side of the site, these ads can target specific interests, products, or services.  Amazingly cost effective, these ads run for $75 per month, with a minimum of three months. (2.5" w x 5.5" h)






























Aquarius has over 10,000 people on our approved email list. We will send your advertising or marketing to our email list 4 times for $75.  Combine it with our social media marketing, and the cost is $150 (that is a 15% savings!)...creating a market exposure of at least 20,000 people.



Aquarius will run your advertising on our Facebook page 4 times a month, for the basic cost of $100.  It will reach 10,000 people.  You may increase the number of people reached up to 250,000, in whatever locale you choose.  Just ask us how.  

The mission of Aquarius is explore what it means to be living in the Age of Aquarius, when human consciousness is rapidly evolving to a higher level.  

Video marketing is THE way to reach, captivate and motivate potential clients and customers!  AQTV - the video and broadcast division of Aquarius - can make incredible videos for you to use to advertise, tell your story, and bring people to your products and services.  Click the image above to learn more about how AQTV can take your marketing to a whole new level.  

Fill out the form below and hit "send" to order an ad or to get more information.   

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