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Being the Catalyst for Free Expression of You

by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

August 2014 (24/6/[22]) Underlying this entire month are the energies of the Master Builder on the Physical Plane with a purpose to use all the information you receive both physically and nonphysically, organize it on the basis of your “knowing” and then build it into your life, your physical manifestation of you. In other words, it’s time to bring heaven on earth by being all that you are, physical and Spirit, in your life. You do that by making choices based on both your physical knowledge and your Spirit heart.

AUGUST 1 to AUGUST 2, 2014 (51/6) You begin the month with the energies of vitality through power with independence and having the understanding of change and its role in evolution. Use your Wisdom with authority and make good judgments based on truth and justice to balance service and responsibility to others. You can be alert, observant and detached (not disconnected) so you walk with an inner peace even in the outward turmoil.

AUGUST 3 to AUGUST 9, 2014 (21/3) Underlying this week are experiences to examine how wisely you have chosen your loyalties and your friends. Are they in line with whom you now know you are? Tuesday will bring you guidance through the Master Messenger to assist you in this evaluation. Seek true friends, not acquaintances. Be loyal to the godhood in you, not something outside of you. Remember it is not important or noble to focus on whom or what you will DIE for. What is important is, “What will you LIVE for?”

AUGUST 10 to AUGUST 16, 2014 (25/7) This week you will be reminded of the purpose of this year, to balance the physical and nonphysical you by making choices that further that blending. Monday will be particularly intense because you will have the energies of the Master Messenger as well as the Master Healer/ Teacher working together to bring the whole you into manifestation in your life. Thursday you’ll have the Master Messenger again to help you with direction.

AUGUST 17 to AUGUST 23, 2014 (20/2) This energy brings knowledge of new plans, purposes and ambitions which require you to connect to your Higher Guidance for direction. This results in adaptation and a renewal which, in this process, brings a consciousness of time and details so make sure you look at the larger picture before you decide anything and you will create an increased Spiritual awareness and illumination. Weigh, measure and balance all the facts and details and you will become conscious of the new awareness that overcomes difficulties. Use that awareness as a go-between to keep peace and harmony in everything. Friday will be an intense day as the Master Builder and Master of Spiritual Power combine to support your leadership in your own life. Saturday brings you your Master Messenger to take all this and give you direction to move on.

AUGUST 24 to AUGUST 30, 2014 (24/6) Underlying this week is your deep sense of order within which often is difficult to express outwardly. The challenge is to learn to bring it outward. This can only be done if you remain balanced and centered. Tune into your dreams and intuition for guidance and direction to do this. Wednesday brings you the Master of Healing (balancing) Energies to assist and Friday you have the Master Messenger to show you where you go from here.

AUGUST 31, 2014 (28/10/1) You end the month with the energies of success when you accept the responsibility of leadership and pioneering in your life. Originality and initiative are the keys as you see the old concepts swept away to start anew. Rely on your intuitive Wisdom to keep the balance of authority so you can plant seeds for a new harvest.

Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing healing and counseling for more than 30 years. To understand your personal path and who you really are, contact by email:, (770) 517-3713 or