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Being the Catalyst for Free Expression of You

by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

This year, 2014 (25/7), brings a great deal of Spiritual Wisdom and connection to your natural psychic gifts because you have awakened to the Spiritual truths within which allow you to access your hidden power and knowledge of life. It gives you the opportunity to see beyond the “veil”, if it exists at all, in order to search for the truth of whom you really are - spirit in a bodysuit having a physical experience to evolve into compassion and understanding.

July 2014 (23/5) Underlying this entire month is energy that enables you to be two places at once: knowing you are standing on a firm foundation while you experience quickened perceptions to move through change and freely select what brings you joy. You demand that freedom and allow it to others in order to move everyone forward. Remember this is about standing firmly in whom you are while allowing others to do the same and then choosing which path, if any, you’ll take.

JULY 1 to JULY 5, 2014 (130/13/4) This week brings you the command and intensity of a karmic vibration that has been experienced and mastered. It supports creative expression with independence and leadership to build on your firm foundation and structure. 13/4 brings the energies of transmutation and release of old concepts while building on new ideas that build stability and harmony to the new beginnings for all. This vibration gives direction, decisiveness, assertion and stimulates creative individuality with a purpose to bring Spiritual insights into your expression as well as practical form and structure.

JULY 6 to JULY 12, 2014 (26/8) You have three days of Master vibrations this week that will intensify the energies of Sunday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday and Friday will emphasize your connection to your inner knowing and Saturday will push you to know your inner Christed consciousness. The ultimate goal is to use that to find unification and balance in your life at all levels. This is an abundant vibration so be grateful for everything you have and you will attract more; however, that won’t continue unless you use your resources wisely in service for all.

JULY 13 to JULY 19, 2014 (21/3) This is an easier week. You only have a Master vibration on Tuesday, the Master Messenger. This week’s goal is to examine your loyalties and learn that your energy must not be wasted on fighting things that cannot be changed. This vibration’s choice is to carry out the important mission of achieving Universal Brotherhood in its truest meaning: respecting your right to choose as well as respecting everyone else’s. Sometimes to achieve this you will have to reach to your inner creativity and love.

JULY 20 to JULY 26, 2014 (25/7) The year’s vibration is emphasized this week so stay connected to your inner Wisdom as you proceed. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday bring you Master energies this week, so be prepared to experience life more intensely. Spiritual truths underlie the entire week so examine what “comes to mind” and find the truth that leads you to reality.

JULY 27 to JULY 31, 2014 (143/17/8) You end the month with the energies of regeneration through your God energies. Monday and Tuesday bring you Master energies to assist in this process. This brings you a deep sense of the divine in everything that you can sustain in physical form. This energy requires a transformation that destroys old concepts and gives expression of the new. Keep in mind that the Universe never closes a door without opening a window. Look for that window.

Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing healing and counseling for more than 30 years. To understand your personal path and who you really are, contact by email:, (770) 517-3713 or