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Needing to Unify All Parts of You

by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

Now you begin a three-month period of transition from the energies of 2014 (25/7) to the energies of 2015 (26/8). 2014 (25/7), brought a great deal of Spiritual Wisdom and connection to your natural psychic gifts because you have awakened to the Spiritual truths within.

2015 (26/8) will be about being in “the flow” of giving and receiving so that you manifest who you are and be it in your physical life.

OCTOBER 2014 (26/8) Underlying this entire month is the energy of next year just to introduce you to the next step. You now have a very good idea why you react/respond the way you do to situations. Now it’s time to bring all that information into balance on a firm foundation so that you can move forward in the flow of life.

OCTOBER 1 to OCTOBER 4, 2014 (15/6) You begin this month learning to accept that you have a deep inner knowing of the truth of you and that's ok to trust. This gives you the ability to pull forces to you as long as you use your leadership abilities to make necessary changes to bring order into every situation. This enables you to understand the balance between freedom and responsibility through understanding the truth about detachment and the meaning of change. Friday brings in the Master Messenger to help you sort it all out.

OCTOBER 5 to OCTOBER 11, 2014 ([22]) This week is all about examining how you can manifest your highest ideals into your physical life. The whole week has the Master intensity underlying it. On Thursday and Saturday you will have that energy intensified with additional Master vibrations.

Thursday you will be reminded that it’s about manifesting your Christed self into this energy and Saturday will strengthen your connection to “the message” to provide guidance and direction for further development.

OCTOBER 12 to OCTOBER 18, 2014 (26/8) This week is to get you to accept you are an expression of God on this plane. It is all about balance, responsibility, service and power used to unify. You may find yourself re-evaluating a lot of your beliefs if you have not already. You have access to the Wisdom to pioneer in the realms of human relationships. It is that tool that will direct you in your unification process. You only have Sunday for Master Messenger energies to start you on finding your balance between physical and Spirit.

OCTOBER 19 to OCTOBER 25, 2014 (21/3) You now have a week to celebrate the four levels of Mastery you have achieved; the Messenger (listening to your intuition for guidance), the Builder (making the ideals manifest), the Healer/ Teacher (Christed consciousness in the physical) and the Master Architect able to bring together those that can make “new” things happen. It’s ok to celebrate your creation and find that inner peace of knowing whom you are. It’s time to make the sacrifice of your self-imposed limitations for all humanity which is your important mission here.

OCTOBER 26 to OCTOBER 31, 2014 (21/3) You continue the underlying energies of last week to finish out the month. The last three days are all Master energies; two Messenger days and ending with celebrating the higher Master of Life Energies.

Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing healing and counseling for more than 30 years. To understand your personal path and who you really are, contact by email:, (770) 517-3713 or