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Keys to Your Life Purpose

Keys to Your Life Purpose

As I travel around the globe speaking and training, I have consistently found that most people ask me the same question, 'how do I discover my purpose in life?' In the past, who you became, was determined by your family and your circumstances. You didn't have much choice. But now there is an open moment in history, where you have the chance to tap into the soul of your purpose.

Millions of people right now are experiencing a yearning and desire to awaken to their unique gifts and offer them in service to the world - while living a life of joy and fulfillment. It's a surging of the human spirit, a virtual global awakening, at a scale that no one has ever seen before. Simply put, people are longing to finally feel fully alive and to fulfill their unique purpose in life. So then why is living a life of meaning and purpose so difficult?

It is because our current social systems have not been set up to prepare us to live a life of true purpose. That's because today's culture exists not to nurture our highest aspirations, but to ensure our basic survival.

Our educational system is designed to create good workers who will slot into jobs and careers later in life - not to empower fiery, creative people who are forging the path ahead together. Our social contracts exist to perpetuate the status quo - not to encourage our highest potentials to blossom. Is it any wonder why so many people best attempts to evolve themselves and our culture fall short of the goal? We simply haven't been trained in how to bring the possible future into the present. It's not that they don't have the talent or interest to live purposeful, meaningful life. The issue is far simpler. People struggle to activate their "purpose code" because they haven't woken up to it--or have only partially awakened to our situation as a human race. Most people hold on to old, limiting beliefs of themselves and our human story. Overwhelmed by all the changes in the world around them, most people live their lives within a "small story," and therefore confined to a "small self." That's why so many people feel that they don't have a purpose, or that they aren't capable of actually living the life they were born to live.

There is a saying that, "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." I believe, it's butterfly time. Just as the cells in the mush, that is the caterpillar, in its cocoon suddenly begin to activate the transformation of mush into butterflies, also this is the time when we realize that our bodies, our communities, and, yes, even of the cells of our planet are calling us to come together. We are glowing with the light that suffuses us, becoming transparent to transcendence. For the fields we traverse, and many flowers of our mind states we now enter are those that belong to the whole. So, as the butterfly pollinates and cross pollinates from place to place, flower to flower, so do we, if we have the willingness to discover our purpose and be part of this extraordinary moment on earth.Three Keys to Empowering New Beliefs.

The first key to activating your life's purpose is to hold new beliefs about yourself and about your role of where humanity is headed. Living the great life, requires that you understand the challenges and opportunities of our moment in history. To understand this for myself, I've gathered information for my work in over 100 countries and 40 different cultures, and what I've discovered has served as a defined guide on my path. Specifically, I have found five great shifts in our understanding of the story line that are affecting everything we do today. I believe that awakening to the power of these shifts, will help you cultivate your sense of compassion and of the infinite possibilities.The five shifts are: Our understanding of who and what we are, and what we need to become so we can deal with the complexity of our time, as we evolve. Human societies are in the process of re-patterning. Social constructs are dissolving and a whole new paradigm is trying to emerge, such as, the rise of women, stepping into a full partnership with men across the globe.

How we conduct business and governance is shifting in the midst of vast ecological and financial changes. This is perhaps the most important social upheaval of the last five thousand years, because these issues impact almost everything in our lives.

The rise and fusion of different cultures--we are swiftly moving towards a planetary civilization that accentuates the uniqueness of each culture while blending them together. Think of the great fusions of food, music and of our individual beliefs.

Whole new orders of spirituality are emerging that are not about religion.

Finding new planets, are giving us a view of ourselves that we never had before. For the first time ever, we find that we don't just live in the universe, but that the universe lives in us, and we may not be alone. This journey begins by letting go of old beliefs and patterns to make room for the new ones. This will empower you to awaken, and to live your higher purpose.

The second key allows you to discover and realize the vast field of inner intelligences - using multiple means of knowing and being, in order to gain insight into life, at a level to which most people rarely have access. These skills are to be found on four levels of your human capacity, sensory-physical, psychological-emotional, mythic-symbolic, and unity-spiritual. How to utilize these extraordinary capacities can be found at each of these levels, and you will literally move into new ways of being. For example, you will learn how to play with time, like taking five minutes to get something done instead of hours. These are "hours" you can use to develop a skill or move a project forward. You will learn to access "inner experts", willing helpers or personas that will help you navigate the complexity of life with elegance and confidence.

The third key gives you the means to break free from unconscious, habits, learning new ways of reacting to life. You will discover ways to move through life with ebullience in your bones and an appetite for celebration - seeing everything as an expression of the Creator. You will move through life, motivated not by guilt or obligation, but by gratitude and an abiding zest, for doing the things that are called forth by living out of your higher purpose.

Dr. Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time, and one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement.

Jean has worked intensively in 40 cultures and 100 countries helping global state leaders, leading educational institutions, business organizations, and millions of people to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness.
She is a prolific writer and author of 26 books including A Passion for the Possible, Search for the Beloved, Life Force, The Possible Human, A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story, Jump Time, and Manual of the Peacemaker.

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